Ellingham playing field
Ellingham playing field

Ellingham playing field
Ellingham playing field

South Norfolk planning consultation

South Norfolk Council (SNC) is currently consulting on possible future development in its area, centred around 48 communities that have primary schools, which it has called the Village Clusters Housing Allocations Plan, or VCHAP.

The preferred allocation sites are between 12 and 50 dwellings, reflecting the scale of the settlements which they will form a part of, and other aspects of the VCHAP. SNC is now seeking your views on this plan, including what specific criteria might need to be applied to the larger allocation sites. The consultation lasts until 2nd August 2021 and anyone can respond to the online consultation by visiting www.south-norfolk.gov.uk/vchap. Further details about the three sites that have been accepted as part of the plan are available on our website, and the Kirby Cane & Ellingham Parish Council planning committee is also meeting to discuss this subject on Tuesday, 20th July at 7pm in Kirby Cane Memorial Hall. Social distancing will be strictly applied and therefore access to the hall will be limited. If you would like any information about this meeting, please call the parish clerk, Jane Love, on 01508 518375.

Local flood alerts
Following the severe flooding around Christmas 2020, the government has launched a new flood alert system.  The following link should take users straight to the alert level for Ellingham:-
Check for flooding service - Ellingham
Wednesday, 6th January 2021
The parish council is pleased to continue to open Ellingham playing field and play equipment under the Tier 5 restrictions currently in place, but please follow the following guidelines for its use:-

The government legislation permitting local authority meetings to be held virtually expired on Friday, 7th May 2021, and therefore the parish council decided to hold its 2021 Annual Parish Council Meeting and the Annual Parish Meeting via Zoom on the evening of Thursday, 6th May.  At the time of writing (Tuesday, 15th June) the government had deferred the lifting of legal restrictions on gatherings until 19th July at the earliest.  At this time, the parish council plans to hold its next meeting on that date, in person in Kirby Cane Memorial Hall starting at 7pm.  Depending on the regulations in force at that time, it may be necessary to restrict the numbers attending the meeting, and more information will be available closer to that time.

In addition, the planning committee of the parish council intends holding a meeting on Tuesday, 20th July in the Kirby Cane Memorial Hall to discuss the VCHAP consultation.


Future meeting dates are:- 


Budget meeting 2021/22 – Monday, 14th December

Monday, 11th January

Monday, 15th March

Annual Parish Meeting & Annual Parish Council Meeting - Thursday, 6th May


Monday, 19th July


Monday, 20th Sept


Monday, 15th Nov


Budget meeting – Monday, 13th December

Contact Us

Parish Clerk, Jane Love

01508 518375



Parish Councillors

At the election on 2nd May 2019 the electors of Kirby Cane & Ellingham returned six parish councillors, and a further member was co-opted at the parish council meeting on 13th May 2019.  

Following a resignation in November 2020, three vacancies for parish councillors currently exist, which may be filled by co-option at a parish council meeting.  Please refer to the council's Co-option policy.  Interested parties should contact the clerk at the email address above for more information. 

Wednesday, 18th March 2020:

In response to Covid 19 situation, the Kirby Cane Memorial Hall Committee has decided to close the hall until further notice.

If you know of anyone in the village who is vulnerable and/or in need of assistance, please contact myself (details opposite) or

John Cook, the parish council chairman, on 07825 542634, ja.cook11@btinternet.com


Mike Skipper, parish council vice chairman, on 07860 323939  michaelpskipper@gmail.com

We will do our best to field your requests to the appropriate agency.

Further information:

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